Senator Jim DeMented


Jim DeMint

Fortunately for us, we have people like Rachel Maddow who sometimes get the opportunity to go face to face with hate-mongers and ignorant people and lecture them, pointing  out the absurdity of their remarks and statements... This past Sunday, she did so quite eloquently in confronting Senator Jim DeMint who's claim to history is he's a woman hating, immigrant attacking, anti-education, doofus.  His outrageous stupidity in the senate make one ask what the people of South Carolina were thinking when they elected him and reelected him.  Then again, this is the same state who elected their corrupt, (both morally and legally) ex-governor as a U.S. Congressman.  And we wonder why public opinion of our House of Representatives and Senate is at record, all-time lows.

Well, for a good smack-down, listen to Rachel:

  • David G

    I couldn't agree with you more, Sally. Thanks for reading this entry, and the Political Carnival overall. My two associate, Laffy and Paddy do an amazing job. I now get to see from the inside how dedicated and driven they are to bringing you and everyone else fact-based stories and strong opinion pieces. I applaud them and their readers. DG

  • Sally

    Rachel is the best. Intelligent, savvy, not afraid of confrontation, and always has her facts at the ready. These GOP idiots think they can intimidate her, lie to her, and get all huffy. Go for it. Rachel should be hosting MTP, not that stooge who is.