VIDEO: "Going Public" exposes wealthy conservatives' aim to gut public education. "Mommy, they're gonna fire me!"


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Someone I admire greatly, Lisa Graves, is in the movies! Specifically, a documentary about the despicable movement to privatize public schools. Here's the first sentence of her bio at ALEC Exposed:

Lisa Graves is the Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy, the publisher of PR Watch, SourceWatch, and BanksterUSA...

Please link over for the rest of her impressive resume.

And you can link over to all of our posts on privatizing public schools here, something I concentrate on because it infuriates me that so many wealthy Republicans and their corporate buddies (coughKOCHBROTHERScough) think nothing of closing our schools and then using the privatized ones, and our children, to turn a profit and bust unions.

Learning, teaching, and kids have nothing to do with it for these greedy, power-hungry monsters. This is about making money.

And by reducing tax dollars paid in, they cut public services for the rest of us while further enriching themselves, the richest people in the country.

Here's the trailer for "Going Public":

About a year ago we began the work on Going Public, our documentary whose goal is to remind the world that public education is the heart of our democracy. Our public schools are the last place where people from different classes and different walks of life come together to learn, to share ideas, and to be afforded a fair opportunity to reach for the American dream.

But today, an unholy alliance of wealthy conservatives and aggressive hedge fund managers have declared war on public education. Their goal is to dismantle public schools, and ultimately destroy the middle class and the opportunity of upward mobility that defines the can-do American spirit. We asked several questions: Why are teachers, their unions, and public education in general under attack now? Who stands to profit from this? And is there a real basis for these attacks? Finally, we want to know where our schools are working well and why. [...]

For anyone who’s ever hoped for a movement to bring back the dignity of public schools and restore their place in our democracy, for anyone who is looking for answers to the the role outside money is playing in helping to destroy public schools, we hope we’ve got your back.

How about throwing a little money their way so they can finish the project? Your donations will be tax-deductible, but more importantly, you're helping to expose the calculated destruction of public education and other services at the hands of those who care only about profit and power, not democracy, equality, the future of our children, and the lives of their fellow Americans.

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