We're Watching You


We're watching you

Here's the good news...Voting rights, now that it's been kicked back to Congress, is going to get some attention.

Here's the bad news. It's not scheduled to be taken up by the Senate Judiciary committee until next month.

Vermont Senator Pat Leahy announced right after the SCOTUS ruling that this would be discussed at meetings next month as well as a "new formula" for calculating which areas need to be covered as well as the scope for the entire bill. Why is this not the first point of business on their agenda? What is more pressing? As each day draws on, the urgency take on added weight. Already five states are taking up bills to limit access to the polls. This is within 72 hours of the ruling. If states can move that fast, what's keeping the Senators? And what's going on with Boehner? Why hasn't he made a public statement about the House moving ahead on some sort of proposal?

There's an awful lot of questions raised here. I know I'm not alone in wanting to hear some answers. C'mon, Rachel, Rev. Al, Lawrence, Chris M and the extremely intelligent Chris H? Bring on the heat. Start grilling. We're hungry and the sting of this onerous ruling is also the sound of opportunity. Maybe we can put more bite in the new bill. A vote against taking this up is a vote against voter's rights. See how popular a candidate becomes when he/she is on record for taking those rights away. The Supreme Court didn't say the bill was unconstitutional, they said the formula was too dated to be effectively used as the basis for section five.

So let's get those number crunchers to work. And pronto!

Make the best of a bad situation, and maybe even pick up some popular support along the way. Those most affected are going to find a way to vote --  just like they did in 2008 and 2012. And when they do, you'll want them on your side. So draw up a bill, publicly force a vote, and do it now. Climate control bills are urgent. Voting rights is an emergency.

Lots has been written about the government's unwarranted spying on us through the NSA. Well, this time the tables have been turned. This time we're watching you! We don't need no stinkin' warrants to do it, either. Consider yourself warned! The echoing sounds of Dump the Chump who's taken a dump on us is already being heard.