First Looney Toon Declares for '14. Meet Former "Soldier of Fortune" Thomas Bleming.



It's going to be a wonderous election year.

Wyoming's 2014 Republican primary is 13 months away, and former soldier of fortune Thomas Bleming is hopeful about his chances of defeating three-term Sen. Mike Enzi.

Enzi has a solid fundraising lead and almost two decades in Washington to throw into his campaign, but Bleming, who may end up financing his own campaign, isn't intimidated.

"How could I not be serious? All my life I've been serious," Bleming told U.S. News. The Vietnam War veteran, who says he's worked as a gun-for-hire around the world, is incensed with Enzi's votes in favor of the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act and the so-called "Monsanto Protection Act," a 2013 provision in the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act to protect biotech companies that Bleming says might actually "make private gardening a federal felony."

"For them I think it's just a power trip to make these laws," he said. "F*ck them, f*ck them, they don't have any reality."


Talk about a guy who plays for keeps, Bleming, 67, admits he has killed several people over the years as a mercenary in the world's conflict zones.

"I assassinated a guy one time. I can't say where, but he had it coming to him," Bleming said. "He was fairly easy. He was a bad guy."

We can only hope and pray.