Dep't. of So What Else is New? Forecasters: Heat wave may be worst to hit California in 5 years


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so what else is new

I live in Southern California near Los Angeles where it is generally cooler than the San Fernando Valley (where I spend a good amount of time), but today it will be in the high 90s here, and in the Valley over 100 (more like 105).

Is it hot in here

The Los Angeles Times just dropped this email alert into my inbox:

Weather forecasters said today that the heat wave bearing down on California is shaping up to be the most severe in five years.

National Weather Service officials warned of triple-digit temperatures through the weekend across much of the state, especially in valley and desert areas.

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Which reminds me...

Note to climate change deniers: Even if you disagree with those of us who see global warming as a major problem that we must do something about right now, how about taking action anyway? Just to clean up the planet so that our kids and kids' kids can have a healthy environment, can breathe clean air, can, you know, survive? How about that, deniers?

How about worrying less about "big government" regulation and costs and worrying more about simply existing, more about a future for those who will be living here after we're long gone?

How about replacing some of that self-serving ideology with a sense of humanity, foresight, and with We instead of Me?

what does it take