Raping Children


Stop rape

What's wrong with India?  This vast, modernized nation, one of the largest recipients of US outsourcing of labor is becoming quite disturbing.  Over the past few months, some awful abuses of human rights and dignities have been front page news there, and covered over here a bit.  Now might be the right time to bring it forward a bit more.  It's not an isolated case.  It's nearing epidemic proportions.  It's the systematic attack on women.  We have it here from the GOP.  There it's from rapists of another kind.

When reading on, consider how much we rely on India for it's technology and cheap labor.  Try calling customer service at a US company and see who answers your call.  Very good chance it's someone outside of our borders.  And ask "Richard" or "Emily" with the heavy Indian accents where they are really from.  If they tell you the truth, you'll hear more Calcutta than Cincinnati. More Bombay than Boston. More New Delhi than New York. Madras than Miami. Punjab than Pittsburgh.You get the idea.

So if we're giving up our jobs here for cheaper products, lets look at what we're sponsoring with out purchases.

Women in India are currently second class citizens.  And in their attempts to be treated equally, they're not only being systematically punished, but in some cases -- now approaching many cases -- they're being raped. Brutally gang raped.  And in some cases dying from these attacks.  What direction is the government looking when this is going on under their noses.

From the Huffington Post:

A 10-year-old girl who reportedly was gang-raped in India last week succumbed to an unspecified ailment at a Mumbai hospital Tuesday night.

The horrific incident is the latest in a string of sexual assaults that have been reported in India  recently. Just last week, a 13-year-old in eastern Mumbai was raped by an 18-year-old, with whom she was in a relationship, and two other men.

Following the widely publicized death of a 23-year-old student who was raped by a group of men on a moving bus in New Delhi in late 2012, many in the country have pressed the government to take a harsher stance against sexual violence.

In addition to this, Becky Evans reports of recent attacks where

...a U.S. woman hitchhiking home in Manali when she was raped by three men and in another case, an Irish woman told officers she was raped while semi-conscious after drinking a drugged cup of tea.  In another case, a ‘Black virgin’ was gang-raped at just 13 and ordered to be killed for daring to fight for justice against her attackers.

How can we not take notice of what seems to be a movement of accepted abuse of women and children. By outsourcing to countries without any, or lax at best, human rights and safety conditions, we're sponsoring this behavior.  I'm not suggesting we pull all our outsourcing from India.  Not at all.  But what I am saying is that we need to exert US government trade pressures on the Indian government to improve conditions to ensure the women's and children's rights are being violated.  Embargo is a last resort.

If it's a stigma and not allowed to use Chinese children in slave labor camps to make and manufacture products we buy from them -- and insisting on inspections of Chinese working conditions -- then why not extend that to India.  Let's make an effort to help our business partners -- because that's who they are.  And what we let them get away with is a reflection on us.