Here we go again: Oil leak shuts down oil pipeline near Hope, B.C.


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Here we go again.

Kinder Morgan plans to expand their Trans Mountain pipeline to almost triple the capacity. This would include shipments of diluted bitumen (tar sands) that makes clean-up nearly impossible, as I wrote here: VIDEO: Keystone XL tar sands “isn’t oil. This is a pipe-eating, planet-cooking, water-fouling goo. You can’t clean up tar.”


HOPE, B.C. -- Kinder Morgan has shut down its Trans Mountain pipeline in British Columbia for the second time in as many weeks, due to an oil leak.

The second incident occurred 40 kilometres east of Hope, and it comes the same day the company plans an open house in Metro Vancouver to discuss its proposal to expand the line that runs from Alberta to the port of Vancouver. [...]

On June 12, Kinder Morgan was forced to shut down the pipeline when several barrels of oil seeped from a crack in the line near Merritt, about 120 kilometres north of Hope.

The company spokesman could not say how much oil had leaked.

Speaking of tar sands toxic goo... Allow me to remind you that the tar sands pipeline (scroll) is the “biggest carbon bomb on the planet.” Think Progress and Van Jones both remind us that the project will create only 35 permanent jobs, but will emit 51 coal plants’ worth of carbon. Plus, much of the oil would be exported elsewhere. We’d be way better off investing in clean energy instead of a costly, dirty catastrophe-in-waiting like the tar sands mess.

Despite the fact that in a recent Gallup poll, nearly half in the U.S. say government should do more to protect environment, and that 20 scientists pulled out of the project, and that the Arkansas pipeline rupture foreshadows devastating environmental impact, it looks like the State Dep’t. and the president are leaning toward approving Keystone, even though it would bring the dirtiest oil on earth through America.

Bill McKibben and NASA’s Jim Hansen both warn that it would be “essentially game over for the climate” if this crackpot project gets the go-ahead.

On a related note, check this out. Longer version of "Talmadge Creek & The Tar Sand Truth (The Rocks)" below.

Jun 18, 2013

Strange oil absorbing rock formations collecting in the Kalamazoo River 3 years after the worst oil spill in the history of the mid-west.

Jun 24, 2013, video above:

A follow up (short version) video 1 week after our initial experiment using the same active test which were totally exposed to the environment except for the rain. We simply introduced our original pulverized rock formations into the test vase's and were just amazed at the outcome!