Massachusetts Has Spoken For All of Us


Ed Markey

Lost in the jubilant elation of today's historic SCOTUS rulings, upholding of natural rights of all Americans, gay or straight, was another very important decision.  The people of Massachusetts yesterday chose a newly elected Senator.  He's a long-time US representative who's giving up his seniority in the dysfunctional House of Representative to assume the seat that until recently was  held by John Kerry.  He's Ed Markey and he is more than just a new senator.  His election is seen as a message.  The GOP be damned.

America doesn't want GOP rule. The Republican party did everything they could to derail Markey's election.  The national party held fundraisers and filtered Koch Brothers cash into this campaign.  Millions.  They made it their mandate to win this one for the party.  And by a ten percent margin, their puppet candidate lost.

This is a bitter pill to swallow for the Repubs.  They made Massachusetts their test election, to gauge what will be happening in the 2014 midterms.  Within the party headquarters, Reince Priebus and his cronies are biting their nails and shaking in their boots.  There's actually a chance they could face such backlash because of their war on women, war on immigration and the war on education and public sector jobs, they may lose the House.  For 2016 their chances of presidential success with radical and insane candidates like Ron Paul and Marco Rubio prove they are not mainstream enough to defeat solid, human dignity.

One potential national candidate took the biggest hit.  It was Marco Rubio.  In the Bay State, the republicans put up a young, Hispanic, former navy SEAL.  Gabriel Gomez, the son of Colombian immigrants and a graduate of Harvard Business School ran on being Hispanic and being a true Republican.  Just like Marco Rubio, there's nothing more behind that young, attractive facade.  Voters are too smart to vote for paper  tigers any longer.  They want substance and the Republicans, despite their strongest efforts, couldn't touch Markey with a vapid, non-directional candidate who's strongest claim to fame is that he disagrees with gun control and favors the dissemination of automatic weapons, no background checks  and no limits on the size of bullet clips.  He's a junior Marco and now Rubio can see his future melting away like the polar icecaps Rubio voted against saving with his "no" votes on climate control bills. He and Gomez share a common future -- none.

Markey on the other hand,  ran on combating climate change, breaking our dependence on imported oil, human rights equality, women's equal pay and protections under the law and creation of jobs.

Thank you Massachusetts for showing us the way.  Your election sends a loud and clear message -- America wants better  and they want it now -- not status quo or regression.  That's what the GOP offered and that's what was soundly rejected.