Palin Input -- Useless as Ever


tits on a bullWhat's wrong with this picture?

Ol' ex-governor McCrazy has found a new mission -- screwing up the Immigration Bill.  According to today's article by Jeb Golinkin in This Week, here's what the Alaskan Asshat had to say about immigration:

"Just like they did with ObamaCare, some in Congress intend to "Pelosi" the amnesty bill. They'll pass it in order to find out what's in it. And just like the unpopular, unaffordable ObamaCare disaster, this pandering, rewarding-the-rule-breakers, still-no-border-security, special-interests-ridden, 24-pound disaster of a bill is not supported by informed Americans."

According to Golinkin:

Let's take this particular pearl of vapid nonsense sentence by sentence. Right off the bat, Palin manages to set forth two incompatible premises in the same sentence. Her reference to "some in Congress" is clearly a shot at the Republicans looking to push the bill through, the most prominent being a young Tea Party star named Marco Rubio. Yet in taking that shot, Palin makes clear that immigration reform is not at all like ObamaCare in that ObamaCare was defined by the complete and total absence of bipartisan compromise, even during the negotiation phase. Immigration reform was heavily shaped by Republicans and is going to pass (assuming it passes) with multiple Republican votes.

Let's address affordability.  Sister Sarah says it's unaffordable.  The CBO actually disagrees. Last week they released its finding that if Senate Bill 744 were enacted, changes in direct spending and revenues "would decrease federal budget deficits by $197 billion over the 2014-2023 period.

So how about her "still no border security?"  What do you call adding $30+ billion, an additional 750 miles of fencing and 20,000 more border patrol agents?  Lined shoulder to shoulder, they'd reach from her house to Russian and back.

Missy McSlugnuts suggests the bill in not supported by informed Americans.  Hmm, overwhelmingly polls show that Americans do favor a comprehensive immigration bill.  Just because it wasn't in her coloring book doesn't mean it's not supported.

Immigration is a remarkably thorny issue for the GOP politically, but the time has come to cope with reality. Illegal immigrants are here, they are not leaving...


...So Ms. I Shot the Sheriff Caribou, maybe you need a dose of reality.  Perhaps Todd can feed it to you slowly, if he comprehends it himself.   But take it easy.  The shock might knock you for a loop and you may cease being as useless as tits on a bull.  Maybe you'll just become plain ol' Sarah, an annoying fly around the GOP elephant's butt.