7-11's Plantation Nation


7-11 police

Welcome to the 7-Eleven Plantation. It's run by Massa Joseph DePinto, AKA "the Plantation Boss" and executive vice president, Darren Rebelez, his "walking boss."

It seems that federal authorities seized 14 stores in New York and Virginia this week that employed undocumented workers in a "modern-day plantation system." The federal investigation found workers from Pakistan were given fake identities stolen from children and the deceased, according to federal prosecutor Loretta E. Lynch.

The owners of the 7-Eleven franchise stores allegedly forced undocumented workers to put in 100 hours a week for a fraction of legal wages, according to federal authorities.  At minimum wage, plus time and a half for over 40 hours, these workers would have earned nearly $1000/week.  Instead they got $200, or less.  Now that really is slave wages.

Other charges against the company  include identity theft and concealing illegal immigrants. Court records said they not only employed illegal workers dating back to 2000, but also required them to pay to live in residences owned and controlled by the store owners. That's the slave quarters.

The government's investigation, which is one of the largest criminal immigrant employment investigations ever by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, began when several of the employees tipped off police to the longstanding practice, authorities said.  Sadly, those employees are now facing deportation.  Isn't something wrong with this picture?