Joseph Weekley

A member of an elite Detroit  police squad, fatally machine gunned and killed an innocent 7-year-old girl during a search for a murder suspect.   A search, not a pursuit.  Sometimes bad stuff just happens.  Intentionally?  No.  But grossly negligent?  Before you decide, consider this:

Prior to entering, he tossed a stun grenade through the window.  He was carrying a sub machine gun as he and his black-clad, masked and armed unit stormed this Detroit home to search for a suspect.  Like I said, stuff happens.  Just tell that to Aiyana Stanley-Jones.  She's never going to see age 8.

So what's gross negligence?  Evidently being tactically trained for this sort of situation yet killing an innocent girl doesn't rise to that level.  Maybe it was his excuse.   He did have one.

He told jurors that he accidentally pulled the trigger during a struggle with the girl's grandmother.  Of course, that's it.  Well,  Mertilla Jones, the grandmother denied interfering with the gun in any way.  Regardless, why was his finger on the trigger while dealing with the girl's grandmother?  Was he going to shoot her if she didn't stand down and drop her knitting needles?

Imminent threat?  This highly trained officer couldn't handle this grandmother with a squad of armed men?

He entered, his finger on the trigger, AFTER using a debilitating stun grenade.  He went in to kill -- and sadly he didn't care who got in the way.  The suspect, by the way, wasn't found on the premises.  This doesn't rise to the level of gross negligence?  Shame on him.  Shame on the Detroit police.  Shame on all of us that we let this murder go unpunished.  Explain that to Aiyana.  No, you don't have to.  She's gone.

When will cops be held responsible for their reckless actions?  Applaud them when they do well.  Single them out when they don't.