Is This Man Sane?


Congressman Burgess


Call the police.  We have another criminal on Capitol Hill.  A self-proclaimed fetus pornography.  Self-confessed abuser, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas),  a licensed OB/GYN, said Monday that he is guilty of fetus pornography.  He stated that embryos as young as 15 weeks old masturbate.  Yup, he really said that.  He thinks these less than half developed fetuses with less than half developed brains and sexual organs are capable of sexual gratification.  According to him, after 15 weeks they shouldn't be aborted.  Really?  Why?  Are they're having too much fun in the womb?

When it comes to certifiable whack jobs -- yes, pun intended -- Burgess should be at the front of the line.

If watching a 15 year old in a sexual act is against the law, then if you believe what you're saying, isn't watching a 15 week old pleasuring itself also verboten?  In all seriousness, we know embryos don't knowingly perform such acts... And someone with half a brain should know that.  Let's start examining our representatives.  If they believe what they say, then perhaps we should have them arrested, not elected.

 C’mon, gain some sanity, Burgess,  or turn in your license as a doctor and position as a congressman.  You are certifiable, but as a loon, not a sane man.  You can’t be trusted with any adult actions unless you personally give up  your fixation with fetusterbation.