VIDEO: Fathers' Day message from a Newtown dad. His daughter, a teacher, was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.


newtown dad father's day

"My first Father's Day without my daughter..."

"For the rest of my life, I will not have a daughter."

"... Do something now."

Gun nuts' idea of doing something: Arm the kids. Arm the teachers. Arm everyone! The more people that die at the point of a gun, the better. To hell with common sense measures that might, you know, prevent deaths.

Via a Mayors Against Illegal Guns email:

Today is Gilles Rousseau's first Father’s Day since his daughter Lauren was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, where she was a substitute teacher.

This Father's Day, share Gilles' story and help make sure fewer fathers ever have to bury their own children.

guns demand action to end gun violence

  • Steel Cowboy

    The Second Amendment does not supersede the right to life!

  • 42bkdodgr

    A heartbreaking video. I call on Congress to vote again on gun background checks. If the events of Sandy Hook didn't give you the courage to vote for background checks, maybe the recent events at Santa Monica College will give you that courage. Over 80% of Americans want background checks, including an overwhelming majority of NRA members. It's time for Congress to show some guts and not be afraid of the NRA and gun lobbyists.