VIDEO: Meet racist ranter Taylor Chapman, quickly becoming the most despised woman on the Internet


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When I saw this video the other day, I nearly plotzed. I'm only just getting around to finally posting it, thanks to my pal @Anomaly100 over at FreakOutNation.

First, the video:

This one line cracked me up. It reminded me of a production assistant who worked with Mr. Laffy (he's a TV producer-writer) who said, "I thought about being a doctor, but TV is funner."

"I gave you guys so many good, like, remarks on line cuz I have a business degree..."

What depth. How pithy.

Did I say "pithy"? I meant pissy.

Crossposted with permission:

27-year-old Taylor Chapman breezed into Dunkin’ Donuts to demand her meal be refunded because of company policy stating that the cashier must provide a receipt. So, in uber-bitch mode (I get to call her a bitch because she slammed the worker with the B word.), she launched into a tirade, then after spotting the woman who did not provide the receipt, she called her a ‘sand n*gger.’ Among other things such as “a complete c*nt” then shouted in a raspy voice, “I just want my bacon crispy and my people to be nice.”

She threw in threats while waving her camera, “Well, guess what? This shit’s about to go live, bitch. Right on Facebook.”  [...]

The Smoking Gun has established that the woman is indeed Taylor Chapman.

Isn't she special? She sure showed them! What a gem. Be proud, Taylor, because you are now the official designated TPC Despicable Person o' the Day Week Month.

And via Mediaite:

What makes this story really epic is that Taylor Chapman works for an SEO company called Power Sales Team, as a “video spokesperson.” The company makes promotional videos for local businesses, like this one, which stars Taylor Chapman and rapper Ludacris:

And just to rub it in, Meet The Polite Florida Teenager Who Was Berated By That Crazy Dunkin’ Donuts Woman.

Stay tuned, because...

"We will be making an official statement regarding the status of Taylor Chapman with our organization coming soon.

- Management

  • GarColga

    Years and years ago I had a woman like this in my life, sex with a crazy woman can be great! My advice to her boyfriend, though, is get out and make it fast.

  • jeanabella

    Chapman is a looser & sounds like she's so miserable, maybe it's drugs.

  • chi910

    OMG..Please send her back to Indiana or Kentucky... PLEASE, I'll pay for her trip.

  • Shina Green

    She's such a lady! Not really. How does she think she's gonna have a job? Her racist and rude comments just cost her a career. What a waste of a degree! Any company with integrity would be crazy to keep her on or hire her.

  • i have never understood and am starting to feel lucky with my ignorance why 'white' females think EVERYONE should be subjected to their disturbed selves. iFeel for whoever was in the store at the time.

  • BumpIt McCarthy

    Oh come on. Do we have to drag Snowden into EVERYTHING? Here at last is a story everyone ought to be able to agree on.

    She's definitely a few krullers short of a dozen.So much brainlessness: "I don't even trust Dunkin' Donuts any more, so I'm giving this food to my boyfriend." The relentless filming of appalled Bearded Bystander.

    Shall we start the clock on how long it takes a porn mag to offer her a pictorial? And the weepy "I'm not really a racist, I'm a victim of your haa-aaate" nonpology?

  • Frances R

    Jeebus, this chick is rude, crude, generally obnoxious. So classy, dropping "F" bombs. So glad, she is not one of my daughter's. Needs her mouth washed out with soap.

  • Unae

    Effing entitled little darling. A future government leaker.