Veterans livid over "shameful" WI GOP limits on disabled vets tax credits


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Leave it to those compassionate, caring, reachy-outy Republicans to enrage disabled veterans. That takes real talent.

In Wisconsin, the GOP has the upper hand in the legislature, as well as in the governor's mansion, meaning they run the show. Whatever they want, they get, and it's not pretty. For example, there's yesterday's video of Senator Mike Ellis doing his best Bill O’Reilly impression: How WI GOP legislators “debate” women’s reproductive rights.

Now they're screwing over one of the most respected-- if not the most respected-- groups of people in the country. Apparently, those on the right live by the motto, "When in doubt, go after the heroes."

Via the Journal Times:

Veterans groups are rising up against what they consider a “shameful” move by Republican state lawmakers to strap limits on a popular tax credit for 100 percent disabled veterans and surviving spouses. [...]

Apparently, some Joint Finance Committee members feel the sacrifices made by severely wounded, injured and ill veterans are just another budget item,” said Al LaBelle, legislative director of the Disabled American Veterans of Wisconsin. “Balancing the budget on the backs of these severely injured heroes is shameful.”

The limits were introduced by committee co-chairs Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, and Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, and passed 12-4 on a party-line vote, said Rick Olin, a fiscal analyst for the Legislative Fiscal Bureau who provided the panel with alternatives for changing the credit.

reinvention my ass