VIDEO: GOP #NCGov #McCrory accused of ducking children delivering petitions; he was playing catch, er, "in a meeting"


mccrory protest kids petition education public schools

mccrory protest kids petition education public schools wagon

Rose Higgins:

"I think their mentality is, in your face, 'Na na na na na na. Have your little hippy protest and we're going to carry on with our day.'"

More than 50 public education advocates accompanied by several children pulling little red wagons schlepped petitions signed by 16,000 people to North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory at the State Capitol.


ABC affiliate WTVD:

They asked to see the governor, and were told he was in a meeting.

And by meeting, they meant he was playing catch with Chief of Staff Thomas Stith and a state trooper. Of course, his story is that the photos of him tossing a ball around were snapped after the petitions were delivered. Uh huh.

Kim Genardo, McCrory's communications director:

"Taking the advice of First Lady Michelle Obama, the governor each day attempts to get some exercise, yesterday throwing the baseball and today walking from NC State's campus back to the Capitol.

"Governor McCrory will be back out tomorrow throwing the baseball perhaps with children who share his All-American passion."

Ohh, we get it now. He's a Michelle Obama fan who gets sudden urges to heed her advice whenever he gets wind of activist kids, kids who aren't as "American" as the kids who "share his all-American passion."

See what a coward role model Gov. McCrory is? He not only dodged children delivering petitions about cutting funds for their education and then implied they weren't real Americans, he also taught them that lying, avoiding, and deceiving are the keys to handling anyone who disagrees with him.

Family values, right Pat?

McCrory North Carolina playing ball

family values my ass

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  • Steel Cowboy

    You decide how you want to be governed. Is this the Democracy the founders promised. This party continues to ignore the very people who send them to serve, pass bills which act to counter their best interests, suppress their vote, deny them health care, jobs, (no jobs bills from the 112th and 113th congress'), obstruct the ruling party so nothing gets done, distract the nation with trumped up non existent scandals while no governing takes pace. Is this the way you would spend your hard earned tax dollars? 55 million to try to repeal the ACA 37 times, even though SCOTUS says it's constitutional, waste 12 million dollars on a special election so as not to have to face Corey Booker's supporters, continue to sell wars we cannot afford while cutting Meals on Wheels and Head Start?
    This Independent says NO!

  • Dave Fouchey

    he's a douche.