Even though she's retiring, Bachmann still fundraising on her campaign website saying Dems "trying to defeat her"


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Here is what you see if you click on Michele Bachmann's campaign's donation page:

bachmann donation page

Obama and the Democrats are targeting Michele for speaking out against their extreme liberal agenda. They will do, say and spend whatever it takes to defeat her.

Please make a secure online contribution today to help defend Michele and the conservative values we share!

That would be the same Michele Bachmann who said she won't run for re-election.

The very same Michele Bachmann who frequently finds herself in hot water (Can Michele pray this away? FEC fines Bachmann $8,000 for 2010 campaign finance violations).

Why does she still have her hand out? Targeting Michele for what? Getting into ethical and legal trouble? Embarrassing herself? Retiring? Being herself? Here's an idea, Michele: Stop drawing those bullseyes and we'll stop aiming.

Still, you never know what she's capable of; after all, there's always the Senate, right?


But with all the baggage she's lugging around, a Senate run seems unlikely... or does it?

Smart Politics:

Nearly two weeks after announcing she would not seek a 5th term from Minnesota's 6th Congressional District, Republican Michele Bachmann's congressional campaign website is still locked and loaded to take in money. [...]

Bachmann has not officially ruled out another campaign in the current 2014 cycle or beyond - recently telling FOX's Sean Hannity, "I may run for another public office."

However, since her retirement announcement, Representative Bachmann has not issued a tweet on her campaign Twitter account, a press release on her campaign web site, or a post on her campaign Facebook account.

How can we stop targeting you miss you if you won't go away?