Video- Morning Joe: Mika Brzezinski, Glenn Greenwald Scuffle Over Her ‘White House Talking Points’ About NSA


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I haven't truly decided what I think, though this is close, so make of this what you will.

  • Gindy51

    I read this one on LGF, the second I read he'd gone to HK, I thought the same things as the last line in the quote:

    The more I read about this the less I think of Snowden.
    This is a guy who was a High School Dropout, got a GED, Joined the
    Army as a 18x but got medicaled 5 months later, and then spent 10 years
    as a Intel Agent before working as a contractor for the NSA in Hawaii
    for $200k a year? And then everything he releases is only details about
    already known about and legal (immoral but LEGAL) programs. As someone
    who had a very small role in the intel community & has known others,
    lets just say this story makes less sense than a Tom Clancy novel.
    And then, because they’re such bastions of freedom (!), he runs off
    to Hong Kong; a place that has far more censorship and surveillance
    without judicial oversight than the US?
    And then there is all the hacking of US assets coming from where?
    Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he’s been a Chinese asset for a long time.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Just more overblown horsepucky by hack journalist Greenwald who is only milking this old canard for his own self aggrandizement.
    The government spies on people...always has....always will.
    By the way; the sky is blue, you can bet your J. Edgar Hoover on it.

  • John Cole says that, "President Obama is not the villain here, he is merely following laws which were passed by Congress." He goes on to say that "they" followed every letter and comma of what are admittedly horrible laws.

    Well, the latter point is highly questionable, but that point is moot. The real point is that the Patriot Act gives intelligence agencies some permissions to spy on Americans; it doesn't say that they are required to actually do it. The actual spying was a choice made by the current administration, not something that he was forced to do by law.