VIDEO: So a white guy, a black guy, and a pretty blonde try to steal a bike...


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This video is from 2010, but for some reason it's making the rounds again. It's about a social experiment that ABC set up in which actors are filmed by a hidden camera "stealing" a bicycle. Two nearly identically-dressed males who are approximately the same age are up first. One is white, the next is African American.

The white guy doesn't attract all that much attention, but the "blah" guy? That's a different story. He's immediately accused of stealing the bike, because, you know, he's (whispering) black. But of course, racial profiling has nothing to do with it.

Finally we see a young, pretty, blonde actress do her thing. When Mr. Laffy described the video to me last night, my first words were, "And people asked if she needed help, right?"


It would be interesting to see this same experiment done in different settings, environments, cities, states.