WI Gov. Walker, GOP gov's "tempered" (you can stop laughing now) as they seek 2nd terms; Dems slam GOP at convention


phony baloney

The Marshfield News Herald is chock full o' news today. We all remember how Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's conservative, restrictive policies resulted in scenes like this one, right?

And here is a recent Walker recap I wrote about a month ago responding to a few quotes:

  • “We’re the ones who care for the everyday people of this state and this country.” That must be why you were nearly kicked out of office. And why your “screw the 47%” presidential candidate lost in a landslide.
  • Turn down federal money to expand the Medicaid program.” Nothing says “caring for everyday people” like taking away their lifeline.
  • Walker mocked claims from critics that the change was a sign he hates poor people.” Did it ever occur to him that they say that because he hates poor people? See: “Turn down federal money to expand Medicaid.”

Now that he and other hypocritical conservative governors who have been screwing the poor, the middle class and an increasingly diverse electorate need voters on their side, they're "tempering" themselves:

Running for re-election in 2014, [Walker] hopes to strike a more conciliatory tone. [...]

The firebrand governors who took statehouses by storm in 2010, when the Tea Party movement was surging, are running for second terms in 2014 with tempered messages and in a different political landscape.

The old makeover switcheroo again. We see. That's been working out so well for them recently. You know what would be "conciliatory"? Changing their policies and attitudes, not just their language.

Eight new GOP governors were elected in 2010 in states that had voted for Barack Obama two years earlier and would vote for him again two years later... Now these freshman Republican governors are expected to seek second terms in their solidly blue or battleground states: Florida, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Five of the eight refuse to support the Affordable Care Act's state-based insurance marketplaces.

But playing nicely during election cycles is a must. So is proving to voters that you've earned their trust. Take Walker for example. In 2010, he sworetogod he'd create 250,000 jobs, but it's been about 2½ years, and he's only managed to cough up 62,000. Oops.

So there's that.

Meantime, Tammy Baldwin fired up state Democrats at the party's convention on Friday. She revved 'em and stirred the pot as hard as she could in an effort to get them to kick Walker and other GOP officeholders out on their hineys in 2014.

Via the Post Crescent:

Other Democratic leaders weren’t nearly as restrained as Baldwin... [T]hey bashed Walker and Republican lawmakers in speech after speech. They lambasted Walker for positioning himself for a potential presidential run while Wisconsin’s economy suffers. Again and again they played up that the state has dropped to 44th in the nation in job creation... They took Walker to task, too, for rejecting a federally funded Medicaid expansion.

Please follow the link for more details.

Let's hope that all that Democratic passion leads to positive results at the polls. If not, this country is screwed.

  • Paul Shene

    It will take a lot of effort to stir the progressive base enough to make positive changes. The innovator makes enemies of those who prospered under the old order, and gains only tepid support of those who would prosper under the new order, because of fear of the adversary, and distrust of change ingrained in the human psyche.

    Machiavelli saw this 500 years ago.