What WI Gov. Scott Walker, GOP do when they need positive voucher school study: Pay major donors to do the research.


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It's becoming more and more difficult to avoid writing about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker these days. What a shame, so many of us would like to escape all Walker-related thoughts, but alas...

No sooner had I written WI Gov. Walker, GOP gov's "tempered" (you can stop laughing now) as they seek 2nd terms; Dems slam GOP at convention than I ran across another article about Gov. Scotty from The Marshfield News Herald.

This one is about campaign finance reports showing that Walker and GOP legislators are using research that supports expanding the state's school voucher program. So? What's wrong with that, you ask? Well, I respond, that research was paid for by the same special interest groups that support many GOP candidates who are pushing for those very vouchers.

I sense very little surprise from you about this. This is completely understandable. It is also completely expected.

This Republican-I-approve-this-message study is being slammed by other researchers who say it's all kinds of flawed, that voucher schools are no better than public schools:

The research conducted by the School Choice Demonstration Project at the University of Arkansas is paid for primarily by special interest groups that also donate to politicians pushing for the voucher expansion.

A Wisconsin Democracy Campaign report on school choice special interest money shows that individuals with ties to foundations that have funded the School Choice Demonstration Project have donated more than $630,000 to Wisconsin politicians, most of them Republicans, during the past decade.


But hey, if facts about the issues don't go your way, pay major donors to make 'em up for you. Way to earn voters' trust, Republicans.