Poll-itics: Republican "Pa. Governor Tom Corbett is in deep trouble"


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Taegan is reporting on a Quinnipiac poll in Pennsylvania that has Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D) leading Gov. Tom Corbett (R) by ten points, 45% to 35%. And State Treasurer Rob McCord (D) is ahead of Corbett by eight, 43% to 35%.

No wonder The Maddow blog said Corbett's in "deep trouble."

TMB adds, "Fifty-two percent of respondents said Corbett doesn't deserve re-election," adding that this is due to his support of cuts to popular programs—higher education, school districts, and social services. Instead, he's beholden to Grover Norquist and his pledge to never raise taxes.

That's working out well for him.

To make matters worse, he also backed the Voter I.D. law:

[I]n an embarrassment for his administration, [it] was blocked by a Republican judge weeks before the election last fall, after studies showed that over 750,000 Pennsylvanians lacked the required photo ID. At a press conference before the ruling, Corbett couldn't remember the types of ID that voters were supposed to have.

Way to go, Tom. Voter suppression is always a surefire way to win over ... voters.

  • majii

    IIRC, this is the same guy who said last week that he'd hire a Hispanic in his administration if someone found a qualified Hispanic. Pennsylvanians should vote Corbett and as many republicans out of their state legislature as they can, and they can use California's budget surplus as the reason.