John Oliver to sub for Jon Stewart: Congress on guns "most pathetic thing I've ever seen in politics anywhere in the world."

. (Martin Crook / Associated Press)

(Martin Crook / Associated Press)

John Oliver will be sitting in Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" chair this summer while Stewart is off directing his first feature film. The Los Angeles Times has a good article up about this:

"The goal is just don't have this building on fire when he returns, like one of those high-school-party-gone-wrong movies. You know, the parents are out of town and then they come home and it's just the smoking remains of what used to be their home," he jokes. "That's the worst-case scenario."

Nobody can fill Stewart's shoes, but John Oliver is a smart, likable, hilarious, and very capable choice for the job. And you just know he's feeling as intimidated as hell.

As I read the Times piece, this quote stood out:

[T]he truth is he seems more interested in the carnival of dysfunction that is American politics than a sitcom or film career.

"Congress never loses its capacity to disappoint you. You'd think it would have bottomed out, then there's something like the gun control thing, which is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen in politics anywhere in the world," he says.

Right. On. Target.

By the way, Oliver's wife, Kate Norley, was a combat medic in Iraq, so those 900,000 military veterans waiting to receive disability benefits hold deep meaning for him:

"Veterans' issues are quite close to my heart. I find it quite hard to talk about, actually," he says, briefly blinking back tears. "Anything with veterans seems like the least you can do, or at least one step more than the least thing."

He will do great while Jon Stewart is away. In fact, he already is doing great.

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