VIDEO: Fear of a black electorate, Chris Christie? Timing of N.J. special election is "not just craven, it is insulting to democracy."


chris christie fear of black electorate

Yesterday, New Jersey Governor Me Me Me Chris Christie said, "I don’t know the cost for the special election and I don’t care." He sure doesn't. And many of us don't care for him, not one bit.

Apparently, neither does one GOP official who said, “I think this ends his 2016 chances. It’s year after year with this guy.”

Chris Hayes had a thing or two to say about all that Me Me Me-itude:

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Chris Hayes:

...If the senate election were held on November 5th and it was all just one big election, well, lots of people would come out to vote for the person who is widely assumed to be the Democratic Senate candidate: This gentleman, you may have heard of him, Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, and potentially going to bring a lot of voters with him.

You can imagine what those voters might look like, what the Cory Booker electorate might look like and how that might differ from the Chris Christie electorate.

Now Chris Christie wants to run for re-election and he does not want the Cory Booker electorate at the polls on the day that he and his Republican colleagues in the state legislature are standing for re-election, whether those people are African-American Democrats, Hispanic, or white liberals excited about Cory Booker running for office.

And so the way he solves this problem is to hold a special Cory Booker election in which all the Cory Booker fans can go and get it out of their system and vote for Cory Booker and hopefully just stay home three weeks later while Christie lets the rest of New Jersey vote for him for re-election.

This will cost, by the way, an estimated $12 million more than if general elections were held on the same day. You can pay 249 New Jersey teachers for one year with that money based on typical starting salaries. And it contradicts the spirit of a law Christie himself previously signed to consolidate elections to save money. It contradicts Christie's boastful tv ad...

 It's not just craven, it is insulting to democracy.

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