Quickie- Gallup: U.S. Job Creation Best in Five Years



Funny, I heard all sorts of blather about how PBO is sinking among independents today, but nada about this.

The Job Creation Index is now much improved from the all-time monthly low of -5 recorded in February and April 2009.

The net job creation score is based on 37% of workers telling Gallup that their employer is hiring new people and expanding the size of its workforce, and 15% saying their company is letting people go and reducing the size of its workforce. The percentage "hiring" is the highest since August 2008 and the percentage "letting people go" is the lowest since March 2008.

Workers across many regions and in various groups are giving Gallup some of the best job creation reports in five years:

Job creation in the East (20) and West (21) improved to the best levels seen since mid-2008.

Net job creation also improved in the South (21) in May, but is not quite as high as it was in April 2012 (23), although it is still among the highest levels for the region on record.

While job creation in the Midwest did not improve in May, it is the highest (22) for any region, as has been the case throughout this year and during much of 2012.

Nongovernment employees continue to report job creation at their workplaces that is among the highest since Gallup began tracking job creation daily in 2008.

Federal government workers' job creation reports continued to improve in May, following a collapse in March after the federal budget sequestration cuts went into effect. But, net job creation for this group remains in negative territory at -7 in May.