Cartoonaroony-- A toast: "To fracking!"


frack off smaller

Clay Bennett is one of my all-time favorite editorial cartoonists. He says so much with so few, if any, words, and his drawing style is fantastic. I say this as a cartoonist myself, a discerning one who greatly appreciates Paddy's daily posts of so many excellent artists.

He nailed it in this image that appeared in my L.A. Times on fracking, a topic I write about regularly (scroll). If corporations are people, my friend, let them guzzle tap water in the form of chemically induced flames that spew from faucets where fracking is prevalent, as is depicted in the excellent film Gasland.


fracking cartoon Clay Bennett

As one commenter at the Times Free Press noted:

patriot1 said...

We haul bottled water from our municipal water supplies around the country in trucks getting 6 mpg of diesel at cost of about $4 per gallon. More fracking needed for more fuel.

A reminder:

Fracking — “hydraulic fracturing,” technically speaking — involves drilling a pipe horizontally into an underground oil- or natural gas-bearing formation and pumping a slurry into the formation at high pressure to liberate the hydrocarbons trapped within.

Let’s get the truth about fracking.