Wisconsin bill would allow spying on bank accounts of unemployed


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Rep. Dan Knodl, a Wisconsin Republican, co-authored a bill that, once again, illustrates the hypocrisy of the GOP.

That would be the same GOP that scu-REAMS about how French, commie, fascist, Marxist, Kenyan, abortionist, evil Big Government is coming to get you, so get out yer shootin' irons and rev up them Second Amendment Remedies while shrinking government down to drownable-in-bathtub size...

...As they snoop into out-of-work Wisconsinites' bank accounts. No hypocrisy there.

Watch out workers and middle class, they're at it again.

small government my ass

Via the Wisconsin State Journal:

A bill that is speeding through the state Legislature would require jobless people to provide more proof that they are seeking work, and make it easier for the state to recover overpayments — including those made because of government errors — by allowing officials to peek into unemployed people’s bank accounts. [...]

The Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee on May 13 approved a provision in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal that would make Wisconsin the fourth state in the country to require jobless people to apply for four jobs a week — the current standard is two — to get benefits.

Not only that, but if someone fails to accept a job offer, their benefits would be cut and they'd be ineligible until they find a job that pays them six times their weekly benefit rate. Currently, it is four times.

Be proud, Republicans. Stickin' it to the little guy should help that new image of yours like nobody's business.

reinvention my ass

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