Weiner says he has a thick... skin


stfu don't say anything

Anthony Weiner says he has a thick foreskin (bygones), per Politicker:

And while, in recent days, he has been largely able to avoid conversation of the lewd sexting scandal that forced him to resign two years, the topic was front-and-center Friday for hosts John Gambling and Mark Riley.

WWRL’s Mr. Riley asked Mr. Weiner whether he got mad over the all the Weiner jokes or seeing the word “disgraced” before his name in newspaper stories.

Frankly, if you don’t have a thick skin—and I’ve developed an almost rhinocerosly thick skin going through this process—then you probably shouldn’t put yourself up for office, particularly if you want to be mayor,” said Mr. Weiner. “I certainly understand completely, Mark, that people have some pretty tough things to say to me, and I’ve certainly seen them all.”

Do you know how much self discipline it takes to avoid writing (more) tasteless Weiner jokes? Do you?

zip mouth, bite tongue