Video- Mika Brzezinski, ' MSNBC Guests Rip Erickson's 'Caveman' Comments About Women


I have to laugh at the idjits that are espousing this stupid crap. Media Matters has the full background.

  • Odd how Culture Warriors always scream what it is they're against, while keeping mum on what they're really for: a Christian Fundamentalist Republic where White Christian men, AKA, the Master Race, assumes stewardship of all the World, and Slaves have to offer. But seriously, folks..

    If Erik Erickson has a history of Inflammation, he should take at least 1mg Bubuprofen a day

  • Older_Wiser2

    It wasn't enough It pretty much ignored the working class and the many issues women face there, and not many of those on TV are really addressing the class issue. Many of those "40%" they claim are single mothers are divorced or widowed, but the Faux Newsers want to make it appear that women are just out there screwing around, getting pregnant and allowing men to get off too easily (showing their hatred of the poor and working class). They should try getting a decent amount of child support from a man who absolutely refuses to pay support, and goes to any length to avoid it. Lawyers cost money, and Social Services is no help in those situations, either. And even when working class couples are together, in today's society it takes 2 paychecks, not one, to even maintain a decent level of living. Even if you "sacrifice" to stay home w/the kid(s), some incomes are so low they qualify for some kinds of services, like food stamps, Medicaid, etc.

    If we ever develop a sane policy of providing income to mothers who want to spend a reasonable amount of time with their newborns with a guarantee of job security, along with some form of income replacement for the family, it won't come too soon. A civilized society would do that, not throw families to the wolves. The US is woefully behind other countries in that regard.

    And until men take some responsibility for the raising of children, women will continue to be vilified for "leaving their children" in order to exercise their brains and make money for themselves and their families. I would rather men develop the nurturing style of women in relation to their children, rather than women having to think like men and adopting their style, or having to juggle 2 worlds, work and home, while men can remain in their own "gender role". Why is it considered better for women to "become like men" with an aggressive and combative style, and "emasculating" for a man to be compassionate and caring? And if a woman has to work a FT job and then go home and cook, do housework, and take care of her kids needs while her partner does what he pleases, she might as well be single, because there's one less person's demands to be met.

    The only people who should be dependent on either parent are the kids while they are minors, not one parent on another. Until men start doing their part in both areas, home and work, instead of requiring that women do more than they do, they should shut up.