Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor: "I think there are many who think of judges as politicians in robes."


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Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor spoke at the Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel on history, ethics and law. In that speech, she expressed her opposition to the election of judges, saying the following, per the Chicago Tribune:

“I think there are many who think of judges as politicians in robes. In many states, that’s what they are.”

No way! Whatever could have put that crazy idea into her head? Of course that wasn't what GW Bush had in mind at all, right, when he and the GOP packed the courts with conservative judges; yet Republicans now refuse to so much as consider President Obama's judicial nominees.

O'Connor prefers to think of judges as, you know, impartial and independent, fair and unbiased. How novel.

Instead, she said, people "seem to think judges should be a reflex of the popular will" and that judges "need to avoid sitting on cases if even a whiff of bias can be detected."

Are you listening, Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito?

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  • Mae Oest

    O'Connor is the woman who put the Supreme Court above the voters in order to install the worst president in modern times, if not for all times. She is a total hypocrite who has been engaged in a campaign to falsify the history of her time on the court and the record of Republican judges since Reagan's if not Nixon's appointees. She won't escape the judgement she deserved by her vote in the judicial installation of George W. Bush.

  • MarieB

    Was the president right or what? He called it and it happened!

  • Namaimo

    Bush junior packing the courts for decades was an outrage. For Sandra Day O'Connor to acknowledge it is momentous.

  • Chris Herz

    No sh*t!

  • Riccardo Cabeza

    The funny thing about supreme Fat Tony is that he always, always comes down on the harshest, dickish side of any argument, shrugs his shoulders and with equal parts condescension and arrogance mumbles "strict constitution".