Jeb who? Mitt who?



Jeb? Somebody mention Jeb Someone? Jeb Who again?

Oh, that Jeb, the one whose brother everyone is trying to forget.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll (h/t: Livewire) , 42% of voters in this country don't really know who Brother Bush is, or at least they're not familiar enough with the guy to form an opinion about him. So what if he was governor of Florida, twice? So what if his dad and brother were both U.S. presidents? So what if his dim bulb brother said he lets Jeb do his thinking for him? Meh.

I'm familiar with him, but I'd like to forget him.

Now let's compare and contrast: Only 7% of voters said they hadn't heard enough about Hillary Clinton to have an opinion of her. Name recognition is important, and come on, Jeb gets a lot of press. Apparently, not enough.

Speaking of dim bulbs, check this out:

"Having lost the election, I don't look at myself as the person best equipped to prescribe where the party should go, going forward."

-- Mitt Romney, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, on offering the Republican party guidance.

He should have substituted the words "my mind" for "the election."

Memo to Willard M. Romney: You weren't the person best equipped to run for office, let alone prescribe to anyone where anything should go ever in the history of ever.

Allow me to offer Mitt some guidance: Go move in with your untaxable money in the Caymans long enough to allow poll respondents to wonder, "Mitt who?"