Awww... Senate GOP feels jilted after being wined & dined by Obama. Really, now. How do they think Obama feels?



Here is a headline I just ran across at The Hill: Senate GOP feels jilted after being wined and dined by Obama on deficit talks:

"We've made no progress. None," said a GOP senator who had dinner with Obama earlier this year.


That's pretty sick hypocritical funny, in a frustrating, hair-pulling, head-exploding, teeth-gritting, jaw-clenching kind of way.*

Memo to Republicans: Before you start whining about how you feel "jilted" by President Obama, take a gander at today's Doonesbury- “Boehner”: We’ll be investigating and obstructing Obama, blocking his appointees.

Then take a walk down Memory Lane, starting with the GOP Inauguration night plot to obstruct. Plus the following:

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So, GOP, who exactly has jilted whom?

breaking up smaller

*Especially in light of all the hooplah over President Obama and Chris Christie cooperating so nicely with each other. Psst! That benefits both of them politically, and it would behoove Republican Congress members to take a few notes. Please note: This in no way whatsoever means I'm a Chris Christie fan, nor should any Democrat be, as you can plainly see here.