Timing is Everything Dept: Lindsey Graham tweets 'joke' about John McCain dying in Syria


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I just got back after spending the day with my family, scanned a few tweets to catch up, and ran across this one from my Twitter pal Christine Pelosi, totally unaware of the context:

pelosi tweet graham joke

Then I saw this:

graham tweet Syria

First rule of comedy: It has to be funny, not only to the joke teller, but to the audience. That's kind of mandatory.

Wisecracking about a diplomatic mission now makes your obsession and accusations about the Benghazi Not-Scandal off limits, Linds. You blew it. You were tasteless, you showed terrible judgment, and your timing was atrocious.

Call me crazy, but I was under the impression that Memorial Day is the time to honor the sacrifices of our amazing military and dedicated officials, as opposed to say, cheapening them.

Lindsey apparently didn't get the non-edited memo.

  • Virginia Adams

    Um, isn't McCain his FRIEND? Vile, tasteless comment. No joke.

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  • JayStamper2014

    As one of the leading obstructionists in the U.S. Senate, Lindsey Graham has abused his filibuster power, holding legislation and important confirmations hostage for purely political reasons. His conduct is hurting our entire country.

    When Graham kills common sense background checks for criminals and the mentally ill, it doesn’t just affect South Carolinians. We’re all less safe - no matter where we live.

    When he supports cuts to Medicare and Social Security, seniors and the disabled are affected not just in South Carolina but in South Dakota and everywhere else.

    When he advocates warrantless wiretaps, restrictions on free speech and suspending the bill of rights, our rights are threatened everywhere.

    But the main reason we should all care about retiring Lindsey Graham is the carelessness with which he advocates the use of American military force. There is something disturbing about someone who has never seen combat being so consistently eager to deploy other peoples sons and daughters overseas. Maybe that’s why he has falsely and repeatedly claimed to be a Gulf War veteran.

    Lindsey Graham voted to authorize the use of force in both Iraq and Afghanistan. You might think Graham would have been chastened when these two wars left over 100,000 civilians and U.S. soldiers dead or wounded and our economy on life support. You might think he would resign, maybe to write a memoir in the hope that we could at least learn from his mistakes. At the very least, you might think he would shy away from any future discussion of foreign policy. But Graham isn’t cut from that cloth. Instead, he’s weighing in on Syria. After reviewing all the facts, he’s come to a conclusion. Can you guess what it is? He says we need boots on the ground and we need to bomb the country with cruise missiles.

    There are so many ways this can backfire. Cornering Assad with U.S. force would make it more likely – not less – that he would resort to using chemical weapons out of desperation. The Arab proverb is “an enemy of my enemy is my friend” and intervening would make us friends with the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Nusra Front, Syria’s al-Qaida. We could end up spending money and American lives replacing a brutal dictatorship with a radical theocracy. Lindsey actually wants us to arm fractured rebel groups, many of whom have already committed war crimes. Their
    empowerment would risk the disintegration of any central government and could turn Syria into a sort of lawless failed state like Somalia, even more of a refuge for terrorists than it is currently. Not to know how wrongheaded it is to intervene is to
    ignore the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan and also to ignore the complexity of the Syrian situation, which virtually guarantees undesired and unintended consequences.

    Lindsey, can you look into the eyes of these troops, or their parents, and honestly tell them that deploying on this mission has a high probability of making Americans safer, advancing the interests of the United States or contributing to regional stability in the Middle East? In fact, intervening in the crisis will not do any of these things.

    Can you look into the eyes of the veterans of past wars who are disabled and homeless and tell them they just need to wait longer to get the help they need because we need those billions of dollars to fight yet another war? And how can we claim to support the troops when we send them to war and forget when they get home, voting to cut benefits for people who risked everything to serve our country?

    Even though you may not be able to vote for me, I’m running what amounts to a national race against Graham because it’s going to take the support of people from all over the country to defeat Graham, who has raised millions of dollars from out-of-state special interests.

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  • joe ebbitt

    both those offices will be up for "dibbs" , soon