Politico: "2014 could be the gravest threat to [Michele Bachmann's] political career yet." Dems are "positively giddy."


bachmann bye bye

Let's get comfy, curl up together, and scroll through a few of TPC's previous posts about Michele Bachmann, mmkay?

Okay, that'll do for now. I'd hate for you to O.D. on someone this toxic. Not good for the digestive tract.

Now let's stretch our legs, deep breathe, have a swig of our favorite beverage, and curl up again for Politico's latest:

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann may be the congresswoman with nine lives. But 2014 could be the gravest threat to her political career yet.

The bomb-throwing conservative and onetime Republican presidential candidate is girding for what promises to be a ferocious reelection contest. Awaiting Bachmann is a serious Democratic opponent who has the full backing of his national party and a suburban Twin Cities electorate that six months ago nearly tossed her out of office.

The most glaring problem for Bachmann, though, may be a swirl of investigations into her campaign finances.

Bachmann will be going up against Democrat Jim Graves again, and he already has a narrow lead in the polls.

Democrats have tried to knock off Bachmann before — each time she’s run for reelection, in fact. But they’re positively giddy over the campaign finance investigations, saying they give hope that 2014 will finally be the year she goes down.

The reason she even stands a chance of winning again, and why she has in the past, is that the 6th District is the most conservative in the state. "If conservative anger at Obama boils over, as it did in 2010, Bachmann... will be in a position to exploit it," Politico reports.

When has conservative anger not boiled over at Obama? It's finally time for Bachmann to go.