VIDEO-- Rep. Steve King (R-IA) thinks Pres. Obama would be nowhere without Ronald Reagan


without you I'm nothing

My headline is only a tiny bit misleading. Here is what Rep. Steve King said on the House floor:

“It’s clear to anybody that can do any kind of statistical analysis that Barack Obama wouldn’t be president of the United States without Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty act."

This from the guy who thinks immigrants are like dogs, you want only "the pick of the litter," and who said, “Every time we give amnesty for an illegal alien, we deport a liberal."

He also implied that President Obama is a racist and defended Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments.

Can't get more credible than that.


Asserting that the 1986 amnesty bill helped create a generation of Democratic voters, the tea party congressman said that the GOP patriarch helped make Obama president.

Thank GAWD for St. Ronnie. Where would insignificant, unqualified, incompetent, amateurish, dimwitted Barack Obama be without that "amnesty" push from Reagan?

Besides, Republicans like King have been so very reachy-outy to Latinos and others, there will absolutely, undoubtedly, certainly be a new generation of Republican voters.

Oh, but I kid.