Dep't. of Duh: The Bush tax cuts did not work


duh so duh

Some posts don't really need to be written, but what the heck; occasionally it's entertaining to state the obvious. Yet sometimes stating the obvious still doesn't penetrate thick Republican skulls.

And thick Republican skulls refuse to allow even the simplest, most basic facts entrance into what's left of their Republican minds (assuming they didn't lose them completely decades ago).

One of those simple, obvious facts made its way into WonkWire at Roll Call in a very short piece that ends with this quote from Bruce Bartlett, an American historian whose area of expertise is supply-side economics and who writes for the New York Times, Financial Times, Fiscal Times, and Tax Notes magazine. He served as a domestic policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan and as a Treasury official under President George H. W. Bush.


“It is hard to find even a reputable conservative economist willing to say anything good these days about President Bush’s tax and economic policies.”


And yet, despite fewer identifying themselves as economic conservatives, the stubborn GOP insists on clinging to their austerity, tax breaky ways, because, to quote W's own mother, they still, stunningly, somehow believe that...

"This is working very well for them."

  • Sally

    It IS working very well for the already rich, the CEOs, the GOP Governor's donors, the Kochs, you mean that isn't most of us? And here I thought the GOP was doing what was best for the voters they insist really really agree with their policies, if only they could explain them better. yeah, good luck with that, GOP.

  • Steel Cowboy

    The only thing that trickled down was abject poverty for half the country, while the 1% made astronomical gains. wealth of rich went up 275%.