Pentagon wants $450M for Guantanamo prison upkeep



I'm thinking $450m would go a long way helping Oklahoma right about now.

WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon wants more than $450 million for maintaining and upgrading the Guantanamo Bay prison that President Barack Obama wants to close.

New details on the administration's budget request for next year and other expenses emerged on Tuesday. The cost of the facility that houses 166 prisoners indefinitely includes $200 million for military construction work that could stretch over a decade.

The request also includes $40 million for a fiber optic cable and millions more for military commissions at the facility in Cuba.

Since he took office in January 2009, Obama has pushed to close the prison but has faced opposition from Republicans and some Democrats in Congress. Obama is expected to renew his plea in a speech on counterterrorism on Thursday.

  • GOP obstructs vote to close it and then blames O for not shutting it down. Typical sickening GOP BS. Grand Obstructionist Party! Over 400 Filibusters in 5 years, no jobs bill ( all their bills are tax breaks for the wealthy, paid for by the rest of us) . 38 attempts to repeal ACA. Shameful, despicable, un-American, Tyrannical.