Video- Rand Paul Implies IRS Has 'Written Policy' About Targeting People 'Opposed To The President


Yep, just like you have a written policy to lie every time you open your mouth. Put up or go the f away Randy. Via.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    He's carrying a lot of tainted water for the rightwing fringe and he's not expanding his appeal beyond the lunatic base with this kind of talk.
    I think this is becoming a common problem for the republican party.

  • labman57

    Yet another Republican who is inspired by the anti-intellectualism espoused by the tea party.

    Rand Paul hears "stuff" from his constituents, reads "stuff" on a blog site, and runs with it without first investigating the veracity of the information. Who needs verifiable evidence, unbiased comprehensive data, fact-checking, and sound reasoning when you can rely upon highly speculative supposition and inflammatory innuendo instead?