VIDEO-- Jay Carney: "Imagine the story on Fox" if President Obama checked with A.G. Holder on AP probe


fox benghazi cartoon

Jay Carney on why President Obama hadn't called Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the AP phone records probe:

"A great deal prevents the president from doing that, it would be wholly inappropriate for the president to involve himself in a criminal investigation, that as Jessica points out, at least as reported involves leaks of information from the administration. I mean, imagine the story on Fox if that were to happen. So, that's why."

Fox has gone after this president so relentlessly, Carney was just stating the truth. It was good to hear a few members of the press laughing in response. Hey, I laugh out loud at ClusterFox all the time.

The Hill:

Carney confirmed that Holder recused himself from the investigation of The Associated Press, but said a call from the White House to anyone at the Justice Department would be inappropriate.

More generally, "a careful balance … must be obtained" between press rights and national security concerns, said Carney, who is a former reporter... Carney also defended Obama's record on the freedom of the press, pointing to press shield legislation he sponsored during his time in the Senate.

Come to think of it, every time I imagine any story on Fox, I find myself reaching for a mug of wine and a few Tums.

  • But just LOOK at Huff Po's headlines and take on this story!!! A once, a looooooong time ago news/ opinion site has joined all the other gleeful, irrational Obama bashing conspiracy pushers.

    Nobody is even the LEAST bit interested in what the FACTS may be.......let's impeach the black Muslim socialist not real president.