VIDEO: GOP Benghazi hysteria debunked. For one, Congress had the revised talking points for months.


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Yesterday I posted PhotOH! What will be on your TV Machine Sunday morning. Hint: BENGHAZI!!!!!!!

It's only Saturday, but Alex Witt led off the second hour of her broadcast (I missed the first hour, but I can only imagine... ) questioning the Obama administration's honesty about Benghazi and whether or not the manufactured controversy would affect Hillary Clinton's possible run for president.

Yes, she did that, because see, she's objective and fair and balanced, see, and apparently looking to boost her ratings by stirring the pot. So it appears that it's not only Republicans who are hoping that this "scandal" sticks.

I'm watching now, and she just said, "We now know that there were 12 different drafts" and asked "what this does to the Obama administration's credibility." That was followed by a clip of Rand Paul saying Hillary Clinton should never hold high office again, to which Witt wondered aloud if this will "haunt" Hillary.

Perhaps she should have watched her colleague Rachel Maddow's show last night:

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Rachel Maddow:

Who changed the talking points? The intelligence community talking points for the administration officials in the immediate aftermath of the attack, they were sent around to the FBI, and the state department, and the White House. The e-mail chain showing the initial draft of those talking points, and the revision process, that e-mail chain was sent to members of Congress a couple months ago in February while they were considering the nomination of the new CIA director.

So Congress has had the talking points and how they were changed and by whom for a couple months now, showing the revisions, showing how they happened.

ABC published them today for the public as if they were a smoking gun, and all the Republicans in Congress who already had these things and have had them for months reported to be outraged by what was in them, shocked, , impeach, impeach!

They have had them for two and a half months now, and they never said anything about them before. Just today they decided it was a smoking gun, even though this has been long answered.

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Here is the entire segment:

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