Bill Maher puts "Benghazi!!!!!" mania into perspective


bill maher

There are times when Bill Maher makes me cringe, times when he makes me laugh, times when he makes me think, times when he makes me scream, and times when he makes me proud.

Neither of these tweets made me cringe, but they made me do everything else on that list:

tweet maher benghazi impeach

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tweet maher susan rice benghazi

Of course, anyone with a functioning brain knows this is all about Hillary Clinton 2016, and of course, destroying President Obama. But all the GOP Benghazi hysteria was debunked by Rachel Maddow. For one, Congress had the revised talking points for months.

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  • Sally

    One thing about the right: facts do not matter. They find a lie that resonates with the bottom feeders, and they repeat it and retweet it, and pretty soon, all 100,000 of them think it is fact. They never bother to find the truth, because Sarah and Fox and Rush and Alex Jones and Breitbart all said it was true, and besides, did we really elect a black man to the WH instead of Sarah? How could we? I am so so sick of this party and their games. Meanwhile, the country could go to hell and they would cheer.