Dear New Jersey voters: Maybe this will finally convince you that Chris Christie is not your friend


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I don't know how many times or ways I can stress this, but here's what I've posted so far:

Added: Christie also brags about accomplishing something that is required by the state. He HAD to balance the budget. Please follow the links above for more on his record.

But he's headed for a landslide, and I still get tweets from fellow Democrats singing his praises. What part of these posts don't people understand? What part of his insolence and disrespect for anyone who dares to challenge him don't they get? What part of his arrogance and conservatism is difficult to process? What part of his record on the issues is it tough to grasp?

Maybe this article from The Newark Star Ledger will help:

Gov. Chris Christie today vetoed a bill that would allow early voting at polling places, prompting Democrats to brand it a politically motivated effort to suppress the vote months after Hurricane Sandy exposed vulnerabilities in the state elections system.

The Republican governor called a proposal to let voters cast ballots at designated polling places during a 15-day period before Election Day "hasty, counterproductive and less reliable" than the current system.

Chris Christie is stifling the vote. Chris Christie is silencing voices. Chris Christie is preventing people from casting ballots.

Chris Christie is all about Chris Christie. Say it with me. Once and for all, understand who this guy is.

Please read the rest here.

  • I agree completely. I suppose that the Dems want to latch onto any Republican who displays a semblance of sanity, and there are precious few that qualify.

  • Sally

    When I see how rude Christie is to anyone who dares ask him a question (especially women) I can't imagine ever voting for him. He is a bully. A GOP bully with a big big belly to boot. (And I think 350 pounds is being very generous..I bet he easily topped 400 before his secret surgery.)

  • pattreid

    NJ ranks 45th in unemployment, that's not a positive figure. We are the 45 worst in the nation. Christie brags about private sector jobs "he" created, but does not speak to the public sector jobs he killed. We have a net loss.

    He defunded Planned Parenthood. He gave no-bid contracts to his buddies for Sandy cleanup, who immediately held a fundraiser for him. He is the embodiment of crony capitalism. He's pro-birth, not pro-life: no public ed for him, no medicaid expansion, no increase in minimum wages, opposes legislation that keeps us safe in the work place, and please don't forget that he blew the chance for education funds from the Feds which caused real estate taxes to go up to cover his failure. Fat or thin, I'm fed up with this poser.

  • Someone needs to tell Ed to stop calling anti-human rights candidates pro-life. These people are NOT pro-life, they are anti-freedom.

  • lol!

  • hamid

    So vote Chris Christie?