Please Help With #TPC Political Carnival Spring Fundraiser



As you know, Paddy has mounting doctor bills, and TPC has mounting TPC bills.

We recently tried to update the look and mechanics of The Political Carnival, but ended up running into so many tech issues that we had to stop, go back to our old look, and hire someone to help us find our way out of our technical house of mirrors.

Which brings us to this:

hand out for money donationsWe're long overdue for our quarterly fundraiser, mainly because we are so reluctant to have our hands out, but, as Nickelodeon used to say, "A kid's gotta do what a kid's gotta do."

So if you are able, if you are so inclined, please donate. Paddy, Lucian, and I have expenses up to our collective chins and can't do this without your help.

Thank you ahead of time for your consistent kindness and generosity. Without you, there would be no us.


or Email us here for a snail mail address. THANKS!