Illinois GOP chair resigns, citing support for marriage equality as a reason


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Those Republican scamps, swearingtogod that they're totally into that Big Outreach Effort (scroll) of theirs, while shunning anyone who they think is "different" from them when they think we're not looking.

The Republican Party chair in Illinois, Pat Brady has resigned, partly because he's been butting heads with several members of the state GOP over his support for marriage equality. The other reason he gave was the old, "I want to spend more time with my family" routine. However, in this case, both reasons are valid; Republicans are small-minded, and his wife has cancer.

(CNN) – "There were several reasons," why he decided to step down, Brady said in a telephone interview with CNN. "I've been going at it hard for six years, I need to focus on my family, and obviously I had lost the support of the state Central Committee because of my position on gay marriage." [...]

Brady's public support of same-sex marriage angered social conservatives because it went against the state GOP platform on the issue.

That would be the same GOP platform that represents their sincere, heartfelt, big tent reachy-outiness. The one that discriminates against gays. And women. And anyone else who isn't Christian and/or white.

So Republicans, how’s that rebranding thing workin’ for ya?

reinvention my ass