Another Upchuckable Week: The place where religion meets your rights


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Please welcome back guest blogger K.C. Boyd. You might remember her from her earlier posts. This one is longer than her others, so we're only posting part of it. You can link over to read the rest here.

Another Upchuckable Week - the place where religion meets your rights - by K. C. Boyd

With the 2012 election a dim memory and it’s crazy-making religion soaked primaries even dimmer, you’d be well advised to keep an eye on the states because that’s where it’s happening when it comes to Christian Crazies. For a brief sampling, take a read:


  • Proving there’s still a little ‘Year of the Bible’ in all of us, last month the Pennsylvania House of Representatives declared the fast-approaching April 30 as “National Fast Day.”


& Everywhere

  • Conservatives target political funding, investing where it gets the biggest political bang: in statehouses. Take a look here to learn about state funding efforts :

The “State” of Education

  • A Central Mississippi high school allegedly forced students to watch a Christian video and listen to church officials preach about Jesus Christ.
  • In Tennessee: The Blue Ridge Christian Academy Gave Fourth Graders the Creationism Test Heard Around the Internet.
  • In New York, the Godly wonder: Can the Bible Save Minority Students From NYC’s Failing Public Education System?
  • HB 1017, which sailed through the Arkansas House of Representatives, would require the state board of education to approve public school courses that teach the Bible. Similar measures were introduced in North Carolina and Wyoming.
  • Virginia politicians tried a different tactic: a state constitutional amendment mandating that citizens as well as elected officials and state employees have the right to pray on government premises and public property.
  • Pennsylvania must have some pretty dumb pencils because: 20 percent of its high school science teachers say they believe in creationism. Zowie.Zounds. Egad.
  • Mississippi, (Yet again. – do I detect a pattern – er, a takeover?) opens the door to student-led prayer. The state makes schools develop policies giving opportunity to pray/preach at official school events.
  • In the hang-loose, shake your bootie state of Hawaii; Governor Neil Abercrombie (alas, he’s a Dem) proposed amending the state constitution to allow for public funding of religious pre-schools.
  • Alaska legislators have proposed amending the state constitution to allow for tax aid to religious schools.
  • Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott ruled that school districts and cities are in violation of the State Constitution for offering health insurance benefits to the domestic partners of their employees..
  • A new Alabama tax-credit law that subsidizes tuition at private schools will likely end up helping academies founded to get around racial desegregation of public schools.
  • Down in the bayou, a Louisiana voucher plan subsidizes religion:

Speaking of Louisiana, Here’s an Extra Bit of Educational Lagniappe

  • Despite a half century Of Supreme Court Rulings, states still look for ways to sneak prayer Into Public Schools.
  • The eight most conservative senators join fight against common core education standards.

It’s on to the 2014 Election Upchuckables aka, How To Insure Religion Remains On the Ballot

  • The American Renewal Project, whatever the frick that means, plans to target twelve key swing states in the mid-terms. Reminiscent of Ohio’s ’06 dance with the “Patriot Pastors,” they plan to organize pastor briefings and voter registration drives in an attempt to restore the U. S. to its Judeo-Christian roots.
  • Mat Staver’s Liberty Counsel, an affiliate of Jerry Falwell  Liberty University, announced that it is gearing up to mobilize pastors who share the belief “that America was established as a Christian nation, and the guardians of those Biblical principles has always been His church.”

Military Issues Provide for Deadly Serious Upchucks (thanks goes to Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation)

Novelist K.C. Boyd is the author of Being Christian: A Novel. According to Mikey Weinstein, President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, “Boyd created a story so riveting that not only could I not put it down, but upon finishing it, I found myself, like an addict, craving more.