Video- Meet The Press: Watch Joy Ann Reid Valiantly Fight Against The Forces Of Stupid


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Seriously, could Lowry and Gingrich been any more dismissive and snide? Gregory is just his tooly self, and you can actually see HFJR's brain clicking to make sure he doesn't offend his "benefactors"... either that or he's stoned. Take a minute and watch this with no sound. Other than a brief, well deserved eye roll from Joy Ann, Newty and Richy seem to be competing in a Facial Olympics Condescension event.

  • Harold Ford and Joy are right. Whatever God creates is perfect. Christians are taught that God created all of us, therefore, all of us are perfect. God would not turn his back on Gays. People translate the Bible, which did not exist until 70 years after the Crucifixion, and translated from many different languages, and interpret what they wish. Jahovas believe God does not want us to have a transfusion, and point to a passage where someone said he didn't want us to drink blood. We must see the Bible for what it is, and what it isn't. It was not written by God, nor was he interviewed. These are the opinions and writings of others. Certain things ring true, "Love thy neighbor as thyself, do unto others"

  • gaelicartguy

    Joy Reid did stellar work trying to inject some intelligence into this convo. And David Gregory shows once oagain why he should be taken off the tool shelf.