Company selling "bleeding" gun targets at NRA convention hawks violence against women: Ex-girlfriend/wife targets


gun targets The Ex 3

No sooner had I posted What to do with NRA convention Obama-lookalike shooting target that “bleeds”? Wait two days, then hide it! than a sharp-eyed reader in Comments noticed that, among the array of targets at Zombie Industries to choose from, there was "The Ex":

gun targets The Ex 2

Even more disturbing is the "EX". It's an ex-girlfriend/wife target. I checked the site...there's not ex-boyfriend/husband target. Just a female target entitled "THE EX". Promoting and making money off of violence against women is disgusting.

gun targets The Ex 1

According to the site and their tongue-in-cheek disclaimer:

In addition to the Ex Girlfriend Zombie, we currently sell 15 male zombies, 5 animal zombies & 2 aliens… to discriminate against Women by not having them represented in our product selection would be just plain sexist.  All Zombie Industries’ products are fictitious characters and works of fiction.  Names, characters, stories, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locales is entirely coincidental.  Zombie Industries is sorry if anyone takes offense to any of our products.  But we also have a responsibility to our customers to provide the best possible products to help them prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

not funny hahaha no

  • I did "actually go to the website" as you can see by my links and screen grabs.

    None are for "Ex" husbands or boyfriends. None encourage shooting someone you were intimately involved with for revenge.

  • Stephanie Lavely

    if you would actually go to the website you would see there is a male version too. look it up. and there are plenty of abused men but for some reason that issue isnt taken seriously....probably because they have a penis. idk. but yeah, it is funny.

    so since there are many other targets on the webpage, i guess that means they are "encouraging" violence against men, zombies, terrorists, nazis, and warthogs.

  • You do? Congratulations. You're a fool.

  • That was just lovely coming from a female. They're encouraging violence against people like you and me. To women who have been shot, abused, or exploited, or don't appreciate the sentiment behind these targets, this isn't exactly "awesome."

  • Stephanie Lavely

    i think it is awesome! quit crying you sensitive wimps!

  • Thank you so much for bringing these to my attention! Now I know some sweet targets to get if I get some money to blow, thanks for the link =D

  • Liberals are very very bad at keeping out of others lives.

  • Kind of hipocritical when your all mighty Liberal DHS appointed by the messiah himself Barak obunghole has pregnant women/children targets to shoot at and ordered millions of these targets to " Practice" upon? but these clearly fictional Zombie targets get you riled up ? you people have no common sense and are deplorable. Cry racist and sexist when you don't agree but when it is on your hand it is perfectly legal? Learn to live your damn lives and keep out of other's business.

  • John

    Might be a good time for us gun toting leftist to give women free lessons on how to use guns to defend themselves. I love their misconception that only conservatives own guns.

  • rozlee

    Maybe you should go for a more realistic scenario and do what I did. Serve in three Gulf Wars. Trust me, it's a lot more realistic when the target is shooting back.

  • Rdzkz

    THAT is what the NRA is ABOUT->BULLYING and not about the government. Those cowards would not touch the government, they would lose their Medicare and Social Security!! AND WHERE IS SARAH PALIN WHEN YOU NEED HER??

  • Peter Hutchings

    These are zombies. Apparently you believe these targets are worse than first person shooter games or the countless movies filled with zombies, firearms and exploding heads.
    I used to shoot Barbies and Hummels. Much smaller, more skill required.
    When they make zombie exes that move...then I will be interested.

  • Dems need to keep the GOP/NRA association as tight as they can. This stuff will REALLY show voters what side they should be on.

  • jeff725

    "Zombie Industries is sorry if anyone takes offense to any of our products."

    The usual non-apology apology.

  • jeff725

    You too? Some conserva-troll referred to Obama as a "street hustler." I called B.S. on him and suggested there was a racial tinge to his "street hustler" remark. Conserva-troll didn't like that too well. Got really, really defensive.

  • The Zombie Apocalypse is already upon us, and its base lives in in the Republican Party. Anyone can see what they think if they are not embarrassed to take this ridiculous target to a serious range. The GOP is expert at selling their ignorant base things like this or the Cricket (first .22 rifle) for 5 year olds, or gold. They are easily manipulated and these charlatans know it.

  • I keep getting messages from the right stating they are not racist, sexist or anything negative.

  • I keep getting messages from the right stating they are not racist, sexist or anything negative.

  • Sally

    These people are certifiable. My God, who dreams up a product like that, and then what sick mind said, "Yeah, let's market bleeding targets." Oh, and let's make them women (what, no toddlers?) and have a good laugh about it. Sick sick sick.

  • Well, yeah. They're claiming "zombies". That's totally... bogus.

  • But they're 'pro-life'. Right?