Laugh line o' the day-- WI Gov. Scott Walker: Republicans are "the ones who care for the everyday people"


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Hey, did you guys hear the one about Republicans reinventing themselves? Oh em gee, it's hilarious. They actually think they're pulling a fast one on Americans by claiming to reach out to voters who flat out rejected them in 2012. The punch line is, they think saying they're doing that is the same as-- wait for it-- actually doing it!

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Clearly, they've been failing miserably at this sham of a "makeover." Just follow that link above to see the myriad ways they've made fools of themselves. It's as funny as it is pathetic.

It just got even funnier.

WisPolitics has this Moment of Levity from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker from his speech to the 2013 state GOP convention:

"We’re the ones who care for the everyday people of this state and this country, and it’s about time we stood up and told people about it." [...]

Walker said that principle was at the heart of his decision to push for more educational opportunities, be it in traditional public schools or charter schools, and to turn down federal money to expand the Medicaid program. [...]

Walker mocked claims from critics that the change was a sign he hates poor people.

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Oh me oh my, where to begin?

  • "We're the ones who care for the everyday people of this state and this country." That must be why you were nearly kicked out of office. And why your "screw the 47%" presidential candidate lost in a landslide.
  • "Turn down federal money to expand the Medicaid program." Nothing says "caring for everyday people" like taking away their lifeline.
  • "Walker mocked claims from critics that the change was a sign he hates poor people." Did it ever occur to him that they say that because he hates poor people? See: "Turn down federal money to expand Medicaid."

On second thought, this wasn't very funny after all. More like infuriatingly, hypocritically tone deaf.

outreach my ass reach out inclusive

  • Sidra Whitedove

    Scott Walker and the repugs are ruining the great progressive State of Wisconsin! I live in Dane County, and believe you me, Dane and Milwaukee Counties did not put Walker into power -- it's mostly the rich (Waukesha County) and more rural counties were all the rednecks live who put him into power! God I hate conservatives! Wish they'd all move to Texas and secede the union, leaving the rest of us alone!

  • I am a Wisconsinite and very much a. democrat. We are NOT all like this. There are, however, a lot of very ignorant people. I, mysel,f am apalled at how republican we have become. I fact, last time, before the Kock bros. we're in the picture, Skippy (Scott) was told not to run because he wouldn't win. Money and lies changed everything and I am ashamed that my state could've sunk so low and still is.

  • wdrin2010

    Don't let others fall for that garbage. The GOP, claiming to be new and improved, has moved farther to the right than they were.

  • tagbot

    Like I've said before, there's got to be some psychoactive drug pollution in the Wisconsin water. The good people of Wisconsin, cannot be this inherently stupid.

    The SSRI's are getting past the filters and making a mind altering concoction that makes people vote against their own best interests. I mean really, can anyone think of any other good reason why Wisconsonites would DO THIS TO THEMSELVES?

  • majii

    Nothing says "I care about my constituents" better than placing last in job creation in the month of March 2013. Walker and other republican politicians must think we're stupid. We know their actions don't match their words. Walker seems to think that rejecting the Medicaid expansion is the way he can show the uninsured in WI that he really cares about them. Scotty seems to have always a serious problem with lying and hypocrisy.

  • jeff725

  • What a guy!