Doonesbury-- Bush Lie-Bury “Decision Points" Option 2: "Fly over flooded city and look out window with concern."


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If you missed Doonesbury, Rachel Maddow and the Bush Lie-Bury: “You’re a top decisioner!” “Way to go, wusses!" then please link over, because Rachel Maddow was nearly as snarky as Trudeau was in his strip.

As the inimitable Garry Trudeau continues his wickedly satirical story arc about the George W. Bush "lie-bury", Melissa Harris-Perry didn't hold back either. She hosted The Rachel Maddow Show last night, and full-on skewered W in this segment:

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What is the Decision Point that the Bush library asks you to confront when it comes to Hurricane Katrina? A disaster in which nearly 2,000 Americans died, many in their own homes. What's the Decision Point that's laid before you at the Bush library?

"Officials in New Orleans are overwhelmed. The president can send in troops, but those troops would serve in supporting roles and state efforts and would not have law enforcement powers unless the president invokes what's called the Insurrection Act. President Bush had to make a choice: One, rely on the National Guard and local police. Two, send in federal troops in a supporting role with no law enforcement authority.
Three, invoke the Insurrection Act and send in troops to restore order."

Excuse me, restoring order was the problem when it it came to Hurricane Katrina, seriously? The main dilemma faced by President Bush when it came to the government's response to Hurricane Katrina was quelling disorder?

The Bush library takes you through this whole scenario about how to deal with the problem of looters and how to restore law and order in New Orleans. That is the Decision Point. No mention at all of, you know, search and rescue.

Eight years later, the people of New Orleans, who were basically left to starve and dehydrate and die in our city, mostly elderly people and children, eight years later, these people are memorialized at the Bush library as public enemies, not as citizens who were in need of relief....

So it should be noted that the level of urgency that's on display inside Decision Point Theater was not so much on display when it came to the decider himself.

This was President Bush, the morning that Katrina made landfall, sharing a cake with John McCain in Arizona! This was after his administration had already been informed that levees in New Orleans had been breached. This was President Bush on Day Two of the disaster, yukking it up with the country music star in Southern California.

That night as the situation was growing worse and worse in New Orleans, George W. Bush decided to return to his ranch in Crawford, Texas to finish up his vacation.

When he finally headed back to D.C. the next day, President Bush got an aerial view of the damage in Louisiana and Mississippi.

But by Friday, five days into that disaster, his aides at the White House were putting together DVDs of news coverage to convince President Bush how bad things were in New Orleans. During those five days,

President Bush was not "on the edge of his seat" as the Bush library would like you to believe. He was basically checked out. That's the real history.

The truth is, the American people have already decided how they felt about President Bush's leadership during Katrina, and while his approval ratings before Katrina weren't that impressive, they never recovered afterwards.

15 months after the failed response, Democrats took control of the House. They took control of the Senate. and they took a majority of gubernatorial seats across the country. The public has already decided.

But, hey, if you're in Dallas this weekend, you've got some time, go see how President Bush "saved" a city from disaster, and "restored a sense of calm" in all of the disorder.

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