VIDEO: "We bought an assault rifle, or an Uzi, in a Babies R Us parking lot."


gun sales parking lot

Please watch this video, it's a jaw-dropper. Via KDVR, Fox31 Denver:

The weapons weren’t purchased from a gun store or licensed dealer.  They were purchased from total strangers in public parking lots.

The transactions were part of a month-long undercover investigation by FOX31 Denver. [...]

[O]ne guy pulled out a 22 caliber Uzi in the parking lot of Babies “R” Us.  “I mean the beauty of this gun is it’s pretty well balanced when you’re holding it with two hands,” he said.

When asked if it was an “appropriate” location to sell an Uzi the seller replied, “I feel safer here than I do in my own home.”

Here's what an NRA lobbyist said when asked about these transactions:

“Well I think it’s up to each individuals perception as to what they see as appropriate or inappropriate,” said Carey.  “To me I don’t have a problem with it.  To you, you may.  To some folks in the audience they may agree or disagree with it.”

'Nuff said.

gun sales parking lot 2

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  • The only fear mongering done here is by gun fondlers bringing guns into a 'Babies R Us' parking lot to peddle. Of course, you didn't address that.

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    Correction - at :48 to :59 seconds in you say the information for the federal background check is permanently stored- it is not, that is illegal.

    At 4:45 you say assault weapons are illegal, - what classifies an assault weapon? the color, holding more that 1 round? Do you mean a "fully automatic"? Which does require a special license. Please clarify "illegal assault weapons", because it really sound like bologna to me, which although is not illegal, should be.

    At 2:35 you say "it's where many of these sales are taking place that's raising concern" With who? you? at 4:58 you say nobody showed any concern, that "no one call police"

    The intention of the story was clear -induce fear, but it will only be effective on those that are already easily coerced into being scared of everything, and you already have them locked in their house with 911 on speed dial - lol.

  • It's not an assault rifle and it's not even a real UZI. This is a semi-automatic replica in .22 caliber, a real UZI is a fully automatic submachine gun in 9mm.Facts matter.

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    I just got a phone call from DNC, and I told them the Senator from Colorado who is Dem. should work for all the people or should work the State as a Senator, we need Senator's who work for us, no matter where you live, this is disgusting, thanks Laffy, I'm glad I follow you, best news from anywhere, all in your Political Carnival